Proud to be becoming my mother

Gretchen Schwelm
Mom's Name

My mother is the type of mother who you read about in stories. My mother did everything right raising me: she baked cookies in the hot July sun for a lemonade stand, she brought me and my sisters to every possible activity, she tucked us in and read to us every night, she woke us up in the morning with hugs and giggles. Even still, I succumbed to the power of addiction at the young age of 12. My mother did everything to try to save me, she drained her inheritance paying for treatment centers for me at the age of 14 and was forced to stand aside and watch her little girl slowly kill herself over the next almost 20 years. When I had my son and became a mother myself is when I finally learned to love myself enough to get sober. She stuck by me through it all, taking care of my son Liam while I was away at treatment. She went above and beyond making sure that I had the best shot to stay sober. I'm proud to say that I get to be a mom myself full-time today. She still takes him different nights to give me a break and takes him sometimes on weekends so I can go to Alcoholics Anonymous events. She continues to be the most loving and supportive mother you could ever ask for. I'm coming up on three years sober and there's no way I could've done it without my mother, and I am proud to say that I am becoming just like her.