Recovery after 51 years of being addicted to drugs.

Adrian Postel
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

Because of addiction to drugs I have lived experience and because of that I've gained a passion and also the empathy necessary to be able to help other addicts gain recovery and a sense of well being in their life.

I started using marijuana and alcohol at the age of 14 and I slowly graduated to pills, acid, and finally heroin. When I was 18 I joined my first methadone program only to keep transferring from program to program and in the end, I found out that no matter how much methadone was administered to me, it was ME that had to do the changing and that I had to create a brand new personality. I needed to find myself, where was I situated in life, where had I been, what I had done to myself and my loved ones, not to mention total strangers that crossed my path, and where was I headed in life at this very moment. I had to be drug free in order to do this because I had hit my bottom being on drugs, and the little of mind that I had left told me that I needed to climb out or die high as a kite. As I looked around at what was left of my world, I noticed how all of my friends had lost their lives to drugs and how their families were left wondering on what to do next. I have overdosed 14 times from heroine and pills, never intentionally, and I have kicked methadone and pills cold turkey but because of the disease of addiction that was never enough. I have lost both of my parents due to drugs and I have been homeless for 14 years and seen hell as I walked the streets of New York City begging for money just for another high. But still that wasn't enough to wake me up to the fact that I had to stop. One day I ran into a friend that told me about these NA meetings that they had in the Village and he suggested that I go to a meeting and try to get acquainted with the people there. After this I began to get acquainted with the people there and got a sponsor to guide me through this new experience. Slowly I started to find myself, and with the help of my sponsor I began my new path to recovery. I'm 64 years old and I can proudly say that I've now been clean for six years of my new life. I currently work as a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate in New York City helping others suffering from addiction also find recovery from active addiction and I feel very proud of myself.