To Save Another Soul.

Karen Johnson
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

My Recovery has been a journey, one which has had many twists and turns, but one that each and every part has made me the Woman that I am today sitting writing this now. I believe that Recovery is a journey, not a destination point that we reach. This journey will last until I take my last sober breath on this earth. I was in active Alcoholism and Addiction for 26 years. I went very far down the scale in my addiction. Recovery is so amazing. It is the hardest thing in the beginning but it has given me a life that is far beyond anything I could ever have dreamed up. And it has nothing to do with material things. Recovery has given me back my self respect, dignity, self value as a Woman. I will tell you I didn't get my old self back in Recovery, I didn't know who I was before. I always wanted to change how I felt inside. I was empty. There are many more parts to my story but that's for another time. The key here is I should have died a long time ago from the lifestyle I led. But I didn't. There is a reason God saved me. I believe it is to help others whenever and wherever I can. This stigma about addiction and being ashamed of our past or our struggles has to stop. Too many people are dying every single day. The opioid epidemic is out of control. I have gone to too many Funerals in the past 5 years. I have been in jail, I have been in Institutions, I have been a stay at home mom who drank. But I am still alive and Recovery has restored so many relationships in my family and with my now 17 yr old Daughter. People trust me. I trust myself. I was once my own worse enemy. I am back in College Online at the Age of 51. The most rewarding part of Recovery is pursuing those goals I set for myself and can achieve now because I am in Recovery. God delivered me from the hell of Addiction and led me to a place of safety. The Road of Recovery. I will do what it takes to carry the message and be wide open about my journey if it means it could just maybe possibly save another Soul.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

Recovery will give you a life worth calling a life. We have to stand together to be the Voice for those who no longer have a voice, and for those still lost out there in that horrible struggle of Addiction, or too scared because of the stigma to ask for help.
We need to be their voice. And we need to fight to get Rehab beds available to everyone with or without Health Insurance.
Stand United. You are No Longer Alone.