Terrible loss of our children

rosie nixon
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

I lost my only child/daughter to fentanyl overdose on June 26/2017... my life will never be the same. The fight against addiction was long and destroyed my daughters and my relationship as it became more and more hopeless for us both. The help we could find was deceiving sometimes, cruel sometimes, heartbreaking and insufficient most times. Sara wanted to get better and have a life because she knew she would die otherwise but the red tape and stigma made her feel it was hopeless... so she would try on her own to stay clean after trying the drugs prescribed to ease withdrawal but the support needed after many detoxes was not given...she had mental health issues too that got in the way.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

Kudos to Shatterproof for the work being done

The opioid epidemic has grown so devastatingly huge that we all need to pay attention and create the change that brings this tragedy to a close. It has been avoided, denied, profited by, judged, and grieved to the point of losing a workforce and generation of young people.