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Shatterproof Ambassadors are a national network of volunteer peer leaders who educate others about Shatterproof’s mission to reverse the addiction crisis. Ambassadors promote Shatterproof’s work in their communities and social networks. Being an Ambassador allows you to share your passion and your connection to our cause in the ways that best match your interests and time. Learn what it’s like to be an Ambassador.

Speaks out for change


I lost two of my precious sons to substance use disorders. Being an Ambassador allows me to give them a voice. I’m proud to help Shatterproof speak out about stigma, demand science-based treatment, and support important policy changes that save lives.

Christina and Jonathan


I take a lot of pride in my Hispanic heritage. Denial and ignorance about this disease are common. For those of us who speak a foreign language there is an element of insecurity and a culture barrier. My son’s death gave me the courage to speak up and help.

Bryant Belarmino


I tell my story of addiction because I want everyone to know that recovery can be in their future too. I'm doing what it takes so I can do all of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Recovery is possible for others and Shatterproof is helping to make it easier to achieve.

Become an Ambassador
Jenny Souviner Hallett


I make an impact by educating others about the disease of alcohol addiction and testifying on Senate and Assembly bills. I am becoming the person that I desperately needed when I was trying to save my daughter Brittany’s life.

Jim Gomes


I am convinced that if the problems of stigma and the lack of quality treatment can be solved, Shatterproof will lead the way. I am proud to be an Ambassador because I want to be part of the solution to one of the country’s biggest problems.



An injury took me from a promising career to losing nearly everything. What happened to me can happen to anyone. Addiction does not discriminate. I teach people to speak about addiction without using words that stigmatize.

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