Ann Marie

SP Admin

I want to share why Shatterproof has become important to me. I was naive about addiction until I learned that Taylor was an active addict. She is not family by blood, but a young lady who is dear to my heart. I remember that moment when I learned of her addiction. I was crushed. I asked Taylor why she didn't tell me. Her exact words: "I am ashamed.” When you do not know how to help a hurting soul, you are shattered. I prayed and asked for prayers from everyone. I went to bed with tears not knowing if she was okay, or where she was. I didn't want to push her away, so I helped when I could. Letting her use my van, take her shopping or out to lunch. She didn't look like an addict to me. She never abused my friendship or stole from me. I never called her an addict. I would always tell her she has important things to do in this world and she needs to get well. This went on for almost a year or more. Then I clearly remember the day Taylor told me she was with her Nana. She was going to her Nana's to shower and sleep. In the morning they were going to start calling for a bed for in-patient treatment. The weight off my shoulders had lifted. I couldn't visit but would get updates from her Nana and father. Then the day came when I did get to visit. Squeezes, tears and lots of smiles. Here we are today: Taylor is 11 months in recovery. Some days it's one second at a time for her. She is beautiful, strong and well. She isn't afraid to tell her story. I told Taylor there is a purpose for her in this world. Let's pray that her story reaches those who still suffer and that they find the courage and hope like Taylor has to become well. Taylor on the right!