Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Millions of people are thriving in recovery today. With the right treatment and support, the future is bright after a substance use disorder.

There is always hope for recovery.

From medications to support groups, programs where you go away for treatment and those where you stay at home – there are so many tools that can help on the journey to recovery. Like any big life change, recovery doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right tools people recover every day.

There’s no one path to recovery.

From medications to support groups, residential rehabs to the local methadone clinic—there are many ways that a person can recover from addiction. No matter how you find recovery, the important thing is getting there. Your experiences are valid. Your life is treasured. You are loved.

Change takes time and patience.

Recovery, like any big life change, doesn’t happen overnight. It can be helpful to think about recovery as a process that happens in stages. Learn about the stages of change at SMART Recovery.

If symptoms reoccur along the way, that’s okay.

Relapse does not mean failure. In fact, experiencing recurrences in your symptoms is normal, just like with any other chronic illness. That’s why safety is so important.

If you’re experiencing a setback, don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to your loved ones or trusted peers. Remember that even after a relapse, your recovery is real and your progress matters. You can get yourself back to where you want to be. Learn about supporting yourself or a loved one when symptoms recur.

There’s power in community.

No matter where you’re at in your addiction or recovery, trust that countless people have been there, too, and understand how you’re feeling. The Shatterproof community is always here to support you and your family.

Your story can help shatter stigma.

You can help others simply by being open about your own experiences. Stigma, shame, and punishment keep people with substance use disorders in the shadows. If you are in a position where you can safely share your own story openly, you can help normalize recovery. Learn about becoming a Shatterproof Ambassador.

With your help, we can empower change.

Support our mission to increase access to recovery, prevention, and mental health resources for everyone who needs them.
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