Bill, Kathy, and Steven Dougherty

SP Admin

Our family's story is currently one of hope for other families still suffering. At this time my son, Steven, has over four years, two months in recovery. It was not an easy journey but the last four years have been amazing to see him come back to that sweet, loving person of past. We are very fortunate that we have not lost him. So many other families aren't so lucky. We struggled daily with worry and stress. The sadness was almost unbearable. We still feel very sad for others going through this horrible ordeal that is killing off a large segment of our society like plagues of past centuries. But this plague stings worse because it is man-made. It didn't have to happen, and can be stopped if we can all just get past the stigma and organize into one powerful and voting force. Once addiction has been activated it is very, very difficult to manage. But recovery is possible, and it’s a beautiful thing. It's beautiful for the addict and it's beautiful for their family. Don't lose hope!