Be Courageous About Addiction! Start with These 6 Resources

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Addiction is one of the most misunderstood illnesses there is. Myths, stereotypes, misinformation—these things make it incredibly difficult to prevent and treat addiction effectively. Amid the deadliest overdose epidemic in U.S. history, it’s never been more important to set the record straight.

It can be hard to push back against opinions, attitudes, and policies that are rooted in stigma rather than fact. But knowledge is power. And once you’re educated about addiction, you can be a voice for change in your community. You can help educate others. And you can be a part of a world where people with substance use disorders can easily access high-quality, lifesaving treatment. has lots of resources to educate, empower, and shatter deadly stigma. Start with these six.

Addiction in America
The scope of this problem is enormous, and it affects us all.

The science of addiction
Addiction is a treatable illness. Learn how it impacts the body and brain.

Addiction, mental health, and trauma
They’re all connected, and effective treatment takes them all into account.

Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
They're safe, effective, and very well researched. Learn how addiction medications work.

All about naloxone
Opioid overdoses do not have to be fatal. Learn about how naloxone saves lives.

Recovery is real
People can and do recover from addiction every single day. 

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Happy Pride Month!

With your help, we can ensure the LGBTQ+ community has access to addiction treatment that suits their needs and fight the stigma facing queer and trans people with SUD.