Bringing Addiction Awareness on Tour with The Lumineers

A concert goer, with brown hair and a yellow cardigan, hods a sign that reads "stigma is the #1 reason people struggling with SUD do not seek treatement."

For their third full-length album, The Lumineers wanted to tell the type of story that’s familiar to hundreds of thousands of Americans. A story of addiction.

Drummer Jeremiah Fraites told NPR, "With drug addiction or alcoholism it really affects the individual and then it has a sort of fallout effect — similar to the effects of a radiation bomb — over time and over years and years, it continually tends to affect people's loved ones.”

The band is committed to shattering the stigma of this illness, empowering more families to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking care for themselves and loved ones. That’s why they’ve tapped Shatterproof to tag along on their North American tour, bringing addiction awareness to every show.

A group of seven volunteers in matching yellow t-shirts smile in the Action Village

From Kansas City to Portland, Omaha to Dallas, concertgoers can visit the tour’s REVERB Action Village to learn more about important issues, grab educational materials, sign up for email lists, and snap selfies. In addition to learning about addiction, concert goers can also talk to representatives from great organizations committed to ending homelessness and stopping climate change.

Shatterproof's table in the Action Village

If you're planning to attend an upcoming show, be sure to stop by and see us. Say hello, create your own Why I Rise Up message, and take a stand against the stigma of addiction!

Want to know when the tour is coming to your town? Check out a complete list of tour dates here.

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