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Advocacy Priorities

Addiction is complicated. But solutions aren’t.

It’s just a matter of listening to the experts and the science, then implementing smart strategies to make lifesaving change.

Shatterproof is a leading advocate in state legislatures across the country as well as on Capitol Hill. 

We are focused on advancing policies focused on increasing access to naloxone, removing unnecessary treatment barriers, training health care professionals to understand and address substance use disorders, ensuring that opioid litigation settlement dollars are spent wisely, and so much more. And in just a few years, we’ve gotten a lot done.

Constituents like you are what makes this work so effective.

When you add your voice to Shatterproof’s advocacy efforts, you join a powerful coordinated movement to end the addiction crisis as we know it.

Head to Shatterproof’s Action Center to sign petitions and contact your representatives with just a few clicks.

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Recovery is for every person, every family, and every community.

We’re on a mission to end the addiction crisis in America. With your help, we can save lives and make addiction treatment available to everyone who needs it.

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