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Dee Deluca-Mattos

The most difficult part of caring for someone struggling with addiction is navigating unknown territory.

News about addiction, every week. These are the headlines that you need to know about.

Welcome to our new weekly roundup of headlines and news coverage related to substance user disorders.

By Stephanie J. Patterson

We have lost too many people in Missouri. We are losing more daily to this overdose epidemic.

Jenny Matthews

He was my brother. And he did what brothers do. And I loved him so very much.

Your support, passion, and powerful stories made 2016 an unprecedented year for advocacy successes, both on federal and state levels.

His new campaign is making a big statement.

With your help, we'll keep pushing for stronger legislation and funding.

Together, we definitely proved that summer fun doesn’t have to revolve around alcohol.

It's the first treatment that delivers a consistent dosage of buprenorphine for up to 6 months.

Jeff Vande Zande

My mother had no shortage of clients, but as far as I could tell, she was anything but popular.

Lisa Smith

I had taken several trips to Paris, but I’d spent very little of my time there even remotely sober.

Four key policy moves that could make real, fast-paced progress.

Michael Newton-McLaughlin

"Hey buddy, it's dad. When you get a moment give your old knucklehead a call, okay? God bless you son."

Shatterproof: Stronger Than Addiction

Fixing the broken treatment system starts now

Shatterproof is transforming addiction treatment in America. Stay tuned for updates and information

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