Austin Bosken

Austin was a gorgeous child with a kind loving heart. He grew up to be a kind loving father of two beautiful children that adored him as he adored them. His children were his greatest accomplishment as he was mine.He was kind to everyone, when he was a little boy he would walk up to strangers and reach out his arm to shake their hand and say Hello my name is Austin Bosken very nice to meet you. As Austin got older he didn't care for his last name Bosken and would complain Mom why did you name me Austin Bosken it sounds so silly, I would say that I named you Austin James Bosken to me that didn't sound silly. I remember once when he was a teenager shoveling snow a reported asked him what is your name he replied, Austin Anderson, so they took his picture and posted in the local newspaper. After seeing his picture in the paper I was happy that he was helping others in the neighborhood, but was shocked to see the name Anderson. His explanation was it just sounded better. In later years when Facebook was in full swing I noticed that I could not find him when I searched his name, I said Austin why can't I find you on Facebook he replied, "I'm under Austin Freeze". His Facebook page still remains the same and I still don't know why he choose Freeze. His children are not Anderson or Freeze's they are Bosken's and very proud of it. So now we just laugh about it.