Chris Sullivan

There is a lot that can be said but for now, all of this is coming from his little sister. Just 2 years apart. As a brother, he was the best big brother ever. I followed him around everywhere growing up and he taught me many things. I know each one of my family members and his friends would each have their own great things to say about him. He touched a lot of lives in his 34 years. Chris was a fun, loving and genuine person. He had a calmness about him that was so pleasant to be around. He loved his two sons more than anything. He was a very spiritual and kind soul. He had many talents such as mountain climbing, skateboarding, cooking (he would cook the best meals), drawing, and painting. He didn't have much to give but any time he could make you something or earn enough money, he would pour his heart into giving. He would give someone the shirt off his back in a second.