David Rice Jr

David would want to be remembered by his sense of humor and the way he could make people laugh and feel good about themselves. He was a gentleman and extremely intelligent, even though, he didn’t always make the best of choices. He could be very charming at times and his heart was made out of gold, he loved very deeply. He was extremely sensitive and used a lot of sarcasm to hide his sensitivity. He only showed his sensitive side to the people in his life that were closest to him. Showing his sensitive side was not a weakness, it was one of his many strengths, and it made him even more of a man then any man I have ever known. He portrayed to the rest of the world a sort of “tough guy” persona which masked the many deep emotions that he felt about others and life. David had a wonderful personality and enjoyed having intelligent, deep meaningful conversations. He loved listening to music and being able to relate his feelings and life to the lyrics of many songs. He had a passion for building things when he welded and took tremendous pride in his work. If David could say one last thing before he passed away…he would want everyone who he ever let down, disappointed, or hurt to know how sorry he was, especially his daughter, Savannah May Rice. He loved his daughter very much and was in awe of her presence, he was an extremely proud dad.