Leo Espinosa

Leo John Espinosa

My son's name is Leo John Espinosa, he was 34 yr old at the time of his death. He was a loving son, brother and father. He left behind 2 son's Ryan now 24 and Evian 9 years old. He loved his children and sister. He was a self taught musician Drums & Bass Guitar we call him "Heaven's Drummer" now. He loved to work on his 1980 Dodge Ram pick up and play his music and play with is youngest son Evian. We loved to cook together always trying different things. His sister Shauna is 16 years his Jr so he protected her, she looked up to him like a father and he protected her that way. Our relationship was very unique we spend lots of time talking and laughing just being together. He had so many friends, I still get texts and email from them letting me know that they will always remember him. Sometimes when I'm having a really difficult time with the loss of him one of his friends will contact me to tell me little stories of him and make me smile that not only do we love him but he is still loved and remembered by so many. It gives me comfort to know that he will never be forgotten by all the lives he touched.