Nicole McCloy


Her sleeping next to me, her friendship and love.

Tell us about your loved one.

She was a beautiful outgoing hard working woman. She loved the Grateful Dead and we attended many shows together. When I was court ordered to AA, Nicole would take me and stay with me at the meetings, She cared deeply for me and there was nothing she wouldn't do for me.She made my life bearable and comforted me in hard times.At the hardest points in life Nicole would carry me and I'll be forever grateful and in her debt.I miss her terribly and will always carry her in my heart and prayers.

Tell us about Nicole's struggle with addiction

Nicole struggled with alcohol addictition, her and I had an oxycontin addiction and we had overcome that together but we could not let go of the booze. We drank a half a gallon a day and sometimes more. We were not bad people just addicted people.

What made Nicole smile?

Her pet stuffed animal BC, bearcub

What do you miss most about Nicole?

Her sleeping next to me, her friendship and love.

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