Tricia Nordman

Tricia Nordman


Just her being. Her presence. Her sweet spirit.

Tell us about your loved one.

Tricia was the sweetest, kindest person. Beautiful inside & out. She struggled with low self esteem. She was 5'11" tall, blonde, blue eyed.. Would turn everyone's head when she walked into a room.

Tell us about Tricia's struggle with addiction

Tricia married a high school football jock who's parents were addicted to meth & crank. She finally left & divorced him, but was so addicted to drugs. She got involved with another guy & they stole checks from the business account & the in-laws & stepfather pressed charges. She was incarcerated & was in a program for nonviolent offenders. She ended up in a co-ed restitution center in Las Vegas. She and another young man walked off the facility and became fugitives. They ended up in Indiana living with young man's friends, dealing drugs. The boyfriend & she were victim of violent crime in October, 2000.

What made Tricia smile?

Tricia had three (3) beautiful children

What do you miss most about Tricia?

Just her being. Her presence. Her sweet spirit.

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