Zachary “Zac” DiLuzio

My son Zachary (Zac) was born June 23, 1997 6lbs 15oz 21 inches long. One of the happiest most proudest moments in my entire life! I never knew a love like this until God gave me Zac. I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and enjoyed every single minute of everyday I spent with Zac. Zac matured at a rapid rate, he was speaking like a 5 year old by the time he was 18 months old and could reciprocate a conversation with any adult and be completely understood. Zac was definitely an old soul, very compassionate, loving, kind, considerate, wise beyond his years, gifted, resourceful and talented. Zac's smile and presence could light up a room the minute he walked into it. People were drawn to him, especially little kids. One of Zac's proudest moments was when he became a big brother in 2004, he had wished so much for a little sister and God gave him his wish, Lia. Zac would eventually have 2 more little brothers.and become a protector of his family being the oldest at home of 4, he was my right arm. Some of his most favorite things were learning, he had a zest for knowledge and actually taught himself how to speak Italian. He loved music, creating videos, technology, math and science. We miss every single thing about Zac...his smile, his presence, his hugs & kisses, watching him do impersonations, listening to him rap to his favorite artists, making him his favorite foods and listening to him talk about something he learned that he wanted to share with us all. Zac wanted to go to college of to major in chemical pharmaceutics and to one day create a migraine relief medication. Zac was that smart that this was not far fetched, being that he took his SAT's as a 7th grader and was also inducted into the National Honor society in his senior year of HS.