Aldo Schembari

Aldo Patrick Schembari

Aldo, I called him AJ, was so self confident. He was a hard worker and usually excelled at what he chose to do. Being the youngest of 3 boys he was somewhat spoiled... but not in a bad way. The older boys were in school by the time he was born, so I had him all to myself and enjoyed him immensely. We were always very close when he was a young boy. School was a happy time, although homework was always an issue ..haha.. He was in the gifted and talented program, loved to play baseball and developed his passion for skiing starting at the age of 4. We have a large Italian family so much of his time was centered around food... and family! He loved both. Aldo enjoyed cooking, not daily, but he did appreciate the art. As a child, we often took him on vacations centered around a beach... be it on a cruise, Cancun, Ocean City in Maryland or in his later years Florida. He loved the water..swimming, scuba diving and oh, lest I forget, the jet he and his Dad or brothers would always be on the jet ski! Maybe he loved the thrill of it, or maybe he just loved the serenity, perhaps a little of both. After he passed away I found a certificate from his sky diving experience...I don't remember him telling me about that..I know I would have freaked out! We moved to Florida when he was 14. His brothers were in college in NY... my husband and I hoped they would relocate there also when finished with school..but that did not happen. So with the large extended family still in NY, and our other sons, we chose to move back to NY after 6 years. Aldo decided to finish up college in Florida. He didn't finish college, got a job instead, hung out with his friends and of course had a few girlfriends. After a couple of years he decided to move back to NY, with his girlfriend and they moved in with us. Oh how wonderful it felt to have the whole family together again. He was fun and it was great to have him home.
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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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