Alex Hale

Alex Locke Hale

Son, Brother, Good Heart, Loved.

My brother was a kind hearted, loving, caring, intelligent, creative, funny, give you the shirt off his back kind of human being. He was a sensitive and beautiful soul. He was a loving son, brother and friend to many. He went through a lot in life and struggled throughout with addiction on and off. He tried copious times to get clean only to be thwarted by the system as well as doctors and stigma surrounding the disease of addiction. It's time to end the stigma and treat addiction as it should be treated. My brother deserves to be here still, just as so many others do. It's a great disservice to this world that he's not here, and to all of us that know him, love him and miss him every single second of every day. It's now been a full decade my brother has been gone. The pain is always here. I can't do anything about that. I can try to help others, though. Please donate in my brother's name so that others will hopefully have a chance and other family and friends don't have to go through what me and my family, and countless others families, have and will go through. Much love! 💜💜💜