Alexander  Pelletier

Alexander Daniel Pelletier

It’s hard to conceive that it’s been a year since you passed away.

The very last time I saw you, you were sitting across the kitchen counter from me, enjoying a stack of pancakes, eggs, and a latte and chuckling over an old book of poems you had authored as a child.

That moment feels so incredibly close. Your ear to ear smile and laughter is forever ingrained in my heart. Your radiating warmth and love lit all of our lives. You were a big teddy bear that everyone wanted to hug.

Albert Einstein once said that, ‘The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.’ The love you brought to this world in your short life lives eternally through the people you inspired.

The outpouring of friends who told us of how you helped in their journey with addiction disease has been heartwarming. And your impact on family members is unfolding in many different ways. Your kid brother has picked up your passion for sports and athleticism. Your younger sisters are influenced by you in their creative writings, artwork, music and life goals. Your dad has been enlightened in his philosophical and spiritual pursuit and carries you in his heart in all his endeavors. And I will continue to hold you by my side as I honor the call to action you asked of me in the search for solutions to the opioid epidemic that has taken so many precious lives including yours.

Yesterday, July 13th, we honored you by climbing up Mount Greylock, a mountain in MA that you wanted to hike. There was no better way to celebrate your life and birthday than through what you thoroughly enjoyed - being in the midst of beautiful nature surrounded by people who loved you.

At the top of the mountain, the highest peak in MA, we visited the Veterans Memorial Tower. Inside the tower, was written:
'Those immortal dead who live again in minds made better by their presence'.

Thank you for guiding us to this beautiful point. We miss you dearly Alec. But we feel blessed to have been loved by you and know that your spirit travels closely and serves as a guiding light for the rest of our days.

Sending you an abundance of love and hugs.

Alexander Pelletier, our beloved son, grandson, and brother died in his sleep on his 26th birthday, July 13, 2018. Alec was recovering from the disease of addiction, and he looked forward to a spiritually fulfilling life of sobriety. Alec’s absence here on Earth will leave voids in the hearts of many. He was known for his extraordinary athleticism, affectionate and loving heart, and contagious laughter.