Alexander  Roberts

Alexander Oscar Roberts

Loving, smiling, quirky, loyal

Alex was very smart. He liked to feel comfortable and secure. Alex started smoking pot and drinking before he was 16. I didn’t know about this until he got in trouble at school. He went to counseling and stayed clean till graduation. They random drug tested. After graduation, he went off to Western Carolina, where he knew no one. I think that was a big mistake on our part. But we didn’t know that he was going to end up using Xanax to feel comfortable in his own skin.

He flunked out of Western and returned home and lived with his Dad. He got a full time job at Walmart. He and his Dad had issues, so he came to live with me and my husband. The first of March, 2017, I found him passed out in his room. We decided to send him to 30 days of treatment. Two months later he was dead. A mixture of Xanax and a small amount of fentanyl. The fentanyl is what killed him. My life has been a day to day struggle. I miss him terribly. The loss is like someone took a hard ball and pierced it through my heart. It is the worst thing in the world to lose your child. Janice