Alexis Shapiro

Alexis Anastasia Shapiro

Smart, Beautiful, Loving, Always Smiling

We lost our dear grandchild, Alexis Shapiro, to an overdose on August 11, 2018. She was 20 years young. She suffered with this terrible disease for many years and was in residential treatment centers three times. She also went to day care centers several times as follow ups to her residential treatments. She was clean for four weeks and set to go into an halfway house the day after she overdosed.
She started college but could not get past the first year. The insecurities she felt lead her to lean on opioids and drugs. Unfortunately, in the last few years she never felt adequate, happy, or secure unless she was on drugs.
Our family goal is to prevent even one family from going through this devastating event. We are united with SHATTERPROOF to reach this lofty goal.