Alison Broughton

Alison Nicole Broughton

Bubbly, happy, beautiful, dedicated mother

My daughter was always so bubbly. She brought life into every room. She always made everyone feel better than before she arrived. She watched her mom and dad go through a divorce when she was eight years old. At 15 her mother moved out of state, and she chose to move in with her father, he was not nearly as strict with her, she ended up spending a lot of time away from home at friends' houses. Began dabbling with pills. Met a man who was on Suboxone and was injecting it, there came a day where she got interested and she had him do it to her. After that, she became fully addicted for years, both of her children being born with substance dependence. She lost her battle last year 11/24/2017. I miss her so much, as her mother, this is the hardest thing I have ever been through. I wish her back more than anything! God bless you Alison!