Amanda Frank

Amanda Frank


My baby sister was the mother of two beautiful children. Unfortunately, alcohol had her in its grip. She died December 21, 2015 at the age of 27 from liver failure. I had always vowed that I would take care of her and I tried to help her as much as I could in that last year. She just couldn't shake it.

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Rachel Thompson
Tell us about your loved one.

She was always energetic and outwardly happy. Looking back, I can see that she was always troubled by something that she never disclosed to me. Her happiest moments were with her babies.

Tell us about Amanda's struggle with addiction

Amanda's biggest struggle was with alcohol. She tried over and over to stop but could never stay stopped for very long. Once they told her that she would need a transplant, I think she gave up and decided to speed things up. Her drinking picked up even with multiple attempts to quit.

What made Amanda smile?

Her babies lit up her face more than anything else.

What do you miss most about Amanda?

I miss our talks about life. I miss sharing our memories of our mom. I miss being able to talk to her about my fears and my joys.

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