Anthony Miragliotta

Anthony Michael Miragliotta

Loving, caring, hurting, smart, gentle

My son was so kind and loving. He fought this disease for so long. His brother and I tried to help and encourage him again and again. We were always there for him - always - driving him to meetings - to therapy - to anything and anywhere that would help him. I miss him terribly and am so so sad to know that his last month was so bad. He went into detox and then into rehab but because he had state insurance his care was subpar. He came out of rehab twice as sick as when he went in - and a week later he died. My heart is broken beyond repair and I feel for those who continue to struggle with this disease with no help - medically or mentally. The government should be ashamed of themselves. These are our children. They are hurting and lost and need our help and love. My God forgive those who ignore and judge for I don't forgive.