Anthony Trotta

Anthony Robert Trotta

Very caring and loving

My son was a very caring and loving person. When he was high, it was the worst times to be with him. He was in and out of all rehabs that I could have put him in. Stood sober for maybe three days and then went right back to his addiction. He first started smoking pot and then turned to pills. When he couldn't find money it turned to heroin. I did not know he was doing heroin till the last rehab. He was sober for 14 months. I did feel he needed to stay longer but the courts felt he did his time and was all good to go home. Only a mother knows their child. After he was home for one month I thought I was wrong. He was doing good, got a job, and went to night school. Then the nightmare came. He went out but came home at a normal time. We fought when he came home, I said things I should have not said. The next morning went to work and at 1:00 my husband call to tell me he passed. He was the most amazing child. Miss him so much. He lost out on seeing his niece and nephew be born. But I know he is with them.