Bradley  Grote

Bradley James Grote

Funny , generous, kind, loving, cool

Bradley was my only child. We had an incredible bond. He was a kind, generous, funny, and loyal person. He was kind to animals and children. He struggled with his addiction on and off for several years, going in and out of jail. This seemed to change him as I saw this beautiful, bright child's light get dimmer and dimmer each time he came out and he seemed to have this overwhelming sadness that got worse each time. He craved love that he just couldn't seem to find in this world, a love that I could not seem to fill. It saddens me that he left this world feeling so sad and with such darkness in his heart. I think the addiction made him feel so sad and lonely. He just couldn't see all the people that loved him so much. I just wish he would have had one more chance to pull out of the devils grasp and feel the warm love of his family and the lord Jesus Christ. I can only hope that he can feel it and see it now. Fly high my one and only!