Bradley  Schur

Bradley Schur

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Cheryl Weiss
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My son struggled with addiction and depression. He tried to get better with our help and his belief in medicine. We believed he would always get better because that’s what he believed. He tried and tried, and things became more difficult. He became depressed and more alone. It was horrible because this was not our beautiful son. He was gifted musically, loving, caring, sensitive, artistic, and such a beautiful son. I try to remember the beauty in my son before his addictive ways. He always seemed to pull through. Our last Thanksgiving and Christmas he said was the best for him in many years. I am thankful for that and all the wonderful days we had together as he grew up. He cared more for others than he did for himself. He was a humanitarian in a true sense. He loved life and his friends and family truly. We will never be the same without him in this world. We are all heartbroken and miss him dearly. RIP BRADLEY

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