Brandon (BUBBA) Butler

Brandon (BUBBA) Dean Butler

Loving, whitty, smart, caring, loyal

My Son Bubba was a gift from God. Everyone loves him and still does. He can make anyone SMILE or laugh. He gives the greatest hugs. Bubba was 6'5 485lb. He was a Teddy bear. He hated bullies and didn't care who it was he'd stop bullying on SIGHT... If you couldn't be nice then leave. He would take your pain away. But he couldn't take his own pain away. I was resting when he brought my car back. He put the key on the dresser and said "I'm a good son mom, look I brought the car back." Something kept screaming in my ear "get up something is wrong" but I just kept ignoring it. All of a sudden I set straight up in bed, but I didn't know how or why. So I listened and I didn't hear anything so I went back to sleep. When I got up about an he later I found him dead on his floor. An OD. I miss him terribly. But I had him for 29 yrs. Thank you God for that. God Bless you All. RIP