Brett Reagan

Brett Reagan

Brother, Son, Genuine Soul
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Brett (aka "The Hulk") Reagan was - and continues to be - one of those truly rare, genuine souls. He never accepted the status quo and always wanted more for himself, which I hope he knows I greatly admire him for.

Brett was passionate about bodybuilding and general health/fitness and while he was both handsome and strong, he was also incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and gentle. He loved EDM and was drawn to anything that had to do with the galaxy. I like to picture him soaring through the cosmos, rocking out to all his favorite beats. Music is one way I have still managed to feel connected to him.

It's impossible to sum Brett up in a couple of sentences, and I won't attempt to. My family and I miss him every single second of every day. I miss our long phone conversations, being enveloped in his big bear hugs, and laughing hysterically with him about ridiculous things others probably wouldn't find funny.

He is no longer with me physically on this earth, but he is somewhere, and one day - somehow - I will find him.