Cassidy Camino

Cassidy Ann Camino

Daughter, Mother, Sister.......kind

Cassidy was beautiful, funny, sweet, and most of all, kind. Sometimes to a fault. She was the essence of the saying, "give you the shirt off her back," even when she had no other. She loved animals. She loved chocolate. She loved tiramisu and The Walking Dead TV show. She loved the Twilight series. She loved doing hair and being a hair-dresser. She loved make-up - and helping people use make-up. She was really good at it. She loved the beach when it was a hot summer day. Most of all, more than anything else, she loved her children. And in spite of the times she really could not be a mom to her children—she loved them with all her heart. And, she made them perfect. She loved holidays! She loved making them special for her kids. She would shop and prepare and create surprises that brought joy to her children’s faces. She made them feel special. Her heart and her kindness will forever live on in those kids.