Catherine Carrington

Catherine Ann Carrington

Mama, friend, heart of gold

My mom struggled with addiction for a big part of her life. She didn't have the best childhood which led to a lot of the issues she had in adulthood. In 1999 she got hooked on crystal meth for a few years. After that it changed who she was. When my mama was on that horrible drug she was a person I didn't know. Mind you I was thirteen at the time. She would be the meanest person in the world then the next minute she was the most kind loving woman. It took her a while to get off the drugs. But when she did she just traded one addiction for another one which was pills. And that addiction never ended. In January of 2017 her boyfriend died of a blood clot to the heart. And that set off the events leading to her death. They were together for about 6 years. He was good to her but sadly like many others in my mama life turn the other cheek to what she was doing. Halfway through that year her dad passed away which whom she was estranged from. Coincidentally he left her approximately 12 grand. She got the money 3 weeks before her death. That afforded her to get more and more of her pills and alcohol. And there was no shortage of so-called friends at her side. I noticed a dramatic change in her. It was like she could no longer hide the fact of her addiction to opioids. Even tho she still denied it. The day she died she called me that afternoon. I could tell in her voice she was on something and I was in a rush to go to work and I kinda blew her off. I got off work that night and I watched a bit of tv and was getting ready for bed when I heard a knock at the door. It was do surreal to hear my uncle say the words your mama is gone. He drove me to her house where she still lay face down on her couch cuddled to a pillow. Finally, her mind was at rest. Pills finally took my mama. And I pray her story will help anyone out there struggling with addiction.