Christian Ericks

Christian Victor Ericks

Charismatic, brilliant, funny, inspirational, loving

I had to come to terms with 3 things:
1. He made that ultimate decision due to his addiction.
2. I did everything humanly possible to help him with his battle.
3. I had to forgive those who acted out in anger at me, I had to forgive my husband, and I had to forgive myself for feeling like I didn’t do enough.
My husband was a career firefighter, retired as a captain, and was also a private pilot. The world was his oyster but he didn’t see that because of the addiction. A beautiful soul, that will ALWAYS have my heart, is gone too soon. I hope to someday make a difference in his honor. ❤️

Chris was one of a kind filled with endless energy, intelligent, handsome, and funny. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a husband.
We reconnected on Facebook after many years apart (we attended the same high school and he was our paper boy when I was a teen). I fell in love with him immediately. He was adventurous and positive, kind and caring. He was a captain at Lansing Fire Dept, and with the department for 25 years. Always the “life of the party." Unfortunately, that started an addiction he battled with his entire life. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to “ feel happy”, as he felt “ broken” inside. He had a TBI when he was 21, and never had followup care, which I believe caused a severe chemical imbalance, leading to his many addictions.
We were together five years, married a little over two when he took his life. He was my BEST FRIEND, my EVERYTHING. In a flash, he was gone. Life as I knew and loved was over.
I will never forget the blessings I gained from being in love with this man. I cherish every moment we had together, good and bad. If I could only have one more day with him.....