Christine Bahorich

Christine Bahorich


My mom, Christine Bahorich, had the most amazing heart. Her laugh was contagious. My mom was my best friend, my heart, my everything.

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Keri Bahorich
Tell us about your loved one.

My mom was someone who loved to make others happy and she did everything she could to show how much she loved her children. She worked in Chesapeake Public Schools in the cafeteria. She was going to get married in December of 2014 after waiting many years to find the right guy.

Tell us about Christine's struggle with addiction

Earlier in life, she struggled with alcohol and nicotine addiction. She decided that her children were worth more than that so she decided to make the choice to quit.

What made Christine smile?

Everything from babies and kitties to snow and jokes made her smile and laugh. She was a child at heart.

What do you miss most about Christine?

I miss everything about her. There is honestly nothing I miss more than her goodnight hugs and kisses and waking up to have coffee with her each morning.

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