Christopher Grynkewicz

Christopher Thomas Grynkewicz

Brother, beloved son, sweet, talented and funny

Beloved son of Lynne and Franklin, brother of Curtis and brother in law to Ashley. Charming and engaging, CT befriended all and enjoyed golfing, skiing, cars, computers and sports of all kinds. Although earning an Associates in Auto and Diesel, a Bachelors in Computer Science, and becoming a professional ski instructor, his young adult life was sadly overshadowed by the challenges of opiate addiction, ultimately succumbing to its influence. His addictive behaviors led him into the jagged restraints of our country's correctional system that unfortunately only worsened his anxiety and taught him new unhealthy ways to try and circumvent his addiction and the system. His family did everything they could to try and support him upon his reintroduction to society. He will be remembered and missed for his brilliant sense of humor and his sweet loving nature.