Christopher  Jusino

Christopher Jusino


I would like to share this in honor of my amazing son, brother, and friend to so many. A beautiful soul that can light up a room, not gone, just changed.

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Mildred Rosa
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Christopher Jusino my son and best friend was a gentle hard-working, loving soul with a heart of gold that would light up a room with his infectious smile. He always believed in caring and doing for others first, never selfish, always there for his friends and family, spending endless hours with them. Chris had a passion for music, and a spiritual gift to write worship songs. He was the owner of Firewater Detailing, a detailing company he took lots of pride in, loved by all his clients. All he wanted to do in life was make a difference. When he lived in Arkansas he spent lots of his free time dancing and performing for churches, doing community outreach and going to retirement homes spending quality time playing games and keeping the lonely elderly company, always demonstrating the power of love and faith. On the day of November 6, 2017 the unthinkable happened, he lost his life in his sleep due to bronchial pneumonia and a single dose of opioids. All of us that loved him are all left with unanswered questions, broken hearts, and changed lives in his absence; THIS has created a fire in my soul that I have to share this with everyone that knew and loved Him.

Christopher is not gone, he has just changed, as evidence shown in the photo, he continues to inspire me and has put in my heart a vision to Help spread awareness. Together we can keep his spirit and memory alive. I Proclaim as Christopher Jusino’s Mom that we will win this war together. I can see Christopher smiling down at us from heaven Saying “We did it! I knew I would be a hero for so many!!”

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