Colton Krout

Colton Dane Krout

Beautiful, intelligent, loving, kind and sarcastic

Cole was my youngest of three kids. He was so loving and gifted. Talented and sarcastic. He made me laugh everyday and he loved everyone. He grew up playing piano. He was highly intelligent so he could aways come up with a sarcastic comment. He was too smart for his own good sometimes. He was a Varsity butterfly Swimmer and ran Cross country. He became addicted to oxycodone after he was hospitalized with Mono and a severe bacterial throat infection. He began mixing medications and that is what lead to his death. He was only 17. Entering his Senior year of high school that fall. He went to bed and gave me a kiss goodnight. I told him I loved him and that was the last time I would see him alive. We found him already passed in his bed with his headphones still in the next morning. He died of accidental multiple drug toxicty. An autopsy was performed.