Courtney  Layton

Courtney Jean Layton

Her smile lit up a room

My daughter and friend.
Gone, but never forgotten
Always. Momma

My daughter was taken very quickly, by using heroin with her boyfriend. I didn’t have to go through the addiction with her because heroin stole her life right away.
So now I tell people, it only takes once. Please please do not even “try” heroin, it could be your first and LAST time.
Heroin destroyed more than my life, for 3 months later her boyfriend took his own life from the guilt he felt.
Heroin is an equal opportunity destroyer.
COURTNEY was so beautiful Inside and out. She made an impact on many lives and continues to do so. You can read more about my daughter’s life on the Facebook page I set up called
“Heroin Recovery-For the Love of Courtney”