Dewayne Rutter

Son, Brother, Father, Hero

Dear Father, Mother, Wife/Husband and Children,
My addiction is not yours. No matter how well you know me, how much you love me, you do not know the addict that rages inside of me. It looks nothing like the Daughter, Mother. No, you do not know the voice in my head that convinces me to disregard you and your love. That tells me to find it, find that meth and forget about you and the pain in your eyes. I fight daily to speak louder, think smarter, be braver than this voice.
This battle is my own, you cannot help me fight.
My addiction is not yours. It is mine.
And today, I have silenced it. Today, I feel love for you. Today, I am grateful for you. Today, I choose to be the person you know and love and understand.
My addiction is my own. And today, just for today, I have this.
Cancer took him first and fast! Always love your family no matter what.