Duane Newell

Duane Newell


Duane’s is a story of overcoming deep anguish and addiction to live a life full of love, laughter, determination, sacrifice, servitude, and plenty of play.
We’ve set up this memorial in his honor as helping others on their road to addiction was central to his life. We hope that you’ll donate to support this cause that was so close to his heart.

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Duane Newell was so many things to do many people. He was known as an avid athlete and adrenaline junky, a compassionate leader, a doting husband, a loving and tender father, the friend who’d always be there to move your furniture or hear you pour your soul out without judgement and he’d always give the most direct truthful advice. The truth is, Duane had the tough guy exterior but was a humble, tender, kind soul on the inside.

He was always the life of the party; even after he gave up drugs and alcohol. His struggle with addiction spanned two decades and ended when he saw the pain it was causing his wife and young daughters.

During his 22 years of sobriety, before his tragic death, he dedicated himself to helping hundreds of others on their road to recovery. The lives he impacted or positively influenced left a large footprint in his community.

On December 1, 2017, Duane lost his life in a motorcycle accident. The hole left in the hearts of so many can only be lessened by remembering the full life he led, the positive impact that he made in this world and knowing that he is with God now.

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