Dylan Edwards

Dylan Edwards


Dylan Edwards was a 24-year-old talented, gregarious and highly intelligent guy. With a magnetic personalty and fabulous sense of humor, he was also driven to succeed at whatever he set his mind to. But he also suffered from a disease that often robbed him of those great characteristics and many of the joys of life. On Nov. 29, 2016 that disease won the battle for his life.

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Tell us about Dylan's struggle with addiction

Dylan went off to college in 2010 and was introduced to the party scene. But unlike many of us, he couldn't control the use of recreational drugs. He soon became an addict, left school and his life became unmanageable to the point that he underwent rehab treatment. But he didnt think he was an addict and believed he could control his problem. In 2012, Dylan had a motorcycle accident and was prescribed painkillers. Like many, he liked them, wanted more but couldn't get them so found someone who suggested a cheap, easy alternative . . . heroin. That was the beginning of a four-year struggle that would include two more stints in rehab, five sober living facilities, four major auto accidents, three arrests for possession and numerous broken personal relationships.

In June 2016, he finally had reached his "bottom' and this time asked to go to rehab, admitting he was powerless and needed help. This time he embraced sobriety wholeheartedly and worked a solid 12-step program. Just after his 24th birthday and before his six-month sobriety anniversary, Dylan relapsed and this time it was too much for him to handle. He passed away on Nov. 29 from complications from heroin use.

What made Dylan smile?

Dylan had a fabulous, quirky sense of humor and loved to make others laugh. He really liked good food and intellectual challenges. He was also a performer who was at ease and confident, whether it be on stage or on the field with his marching band. He was an entertainer and that brought him joy.

What do you miss most about Dylan?

We miss his sharp wit, his big bear hugs, and his big heart. We miss his intelligent discussions and often deep insight into life. And of course we miss his presence.

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