Elizabeth  Goggins

Elizabeth Anne Goggins

My precious daughter

A love letter to my Elizabeth ....

My darling baby girl
My Life’s light
My Life’s Love
My sweet and so very troubled daughter

Honey...you always hated the dark. Remember all the times I would lay next to until you fell asleep. My sweet Lizzy it’s not dark any more.
Honey...can you see the light? Mommy wants you to follow the light
You, see It’s ok to leave this earthly world now
Lizzy...Do you see Heaven? You do don’t you, awww honey it’s time to run through the clouds and sit with the Angels

And honey when you get there, I just know...
Roxy your sweet pup will be waiting to jump in your lap again
Grandma and Grandpa are gonna wrap their arms around you, and smother you with kisses. With them you will be safe for all eternity.
Uncle Dan is waiting too. He can’t wait to entertain you again with his Donald Duck imitations
Sweet cousin Mike wants a hug too...and you know once he starts hugging he can’t stop
And all of your relatives that you never got to meet during your earthly visit- are waiting to embrace and care for you now
See why is is ok to follow the light Elizabeth...because all those times you felt all alone while you were here are no longer. You will never be alone again my precious baby girl

Elizabeth, you are free now ...
No more addiction
No more drugs
No more demons

My Sweet Angel
You are safe now
Our Savior, knew it was time to save you and He did
He knew you tried. Just like we knew you did too
He knew you wanted to be free from the addiction that consumed your life for so long, exhausted from all the years of trying so hard, but never succeeding
He knew you were so very tired
He knew it was time to bring you home and save you from a life that you could no longer navigate on your own
Home, free from all the demons of addiction that haunted you on your earthly stay

So tonight, Elizabeth, when your mom looks to the starry skies above
I will view them as heavenly openings for you to shine down on me and Nug
And in those moments, we will see you with Roxy...as you always wanted to be, happy and free from addiction

Love mom

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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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