Erica Madden

Erica Stacy Madden

Outgoing, Loving, Spontaneous, Goodhearted, and Humorous!!!

You fought so hard with your battle of addiction. In the end, the Evil won.You were funny, outgoing, and goodhearted. Then this demon of addiction turned you into someone no one knew. You tried to hide it but the years had taken it's toll. We miss you so much Erica. I cannot even bring myself to go to your grave. You loved Christmas and the decorating. This is the first year without you. So many memories. Your children miss you. Your siblings miss you. I know I will never be the same but I also know the moment you left us, God reached out His hand and grabbed yours, saying, "My Child your pain is over. You're with your family in Heaven." I have to believe this. Rest easy my daughter. I Will Always Love You!!!