Evan Malley

Evan Sean Malley

Funny, road trips, beautiful smile, smart, loyal friend, loved son

Evan was very smart but had very low self esteem about being gay and shy. He was a very loyal friend and was happiest with them and helping them out. He loved road trips and Nicki Minaj. The drugs were used to self-medicate from the pain, and when the needles started it was down hill all the way. He was in a great rehab in CA but one person ruined it by transferring him to a sober house before he was ready. All alone there he was wandering the streets, very uncomfortable and was dead 24 hours later. I am in RI, his mom, not being able to be there to hold his hand or say goodbye. My life sentence has begun and I am so broken missing him. We did him wrong and I do not get a second chance. What can we do?