Garrett Smith

Garrett Cole Smith

caring friend, smart, heart of gold

Garrett was a daddy to Drayven Cole Smith who is 5 now. He was a brother to Phillip, Braxton, and Mariah. I miss him so much. He was one of or possibly my very best friend! Garrett was taken by ambulance "friends" called on a Friday morning. He was intubated, etc. I thank God I was fortunate to be able to see his eyes and get a smile, to dry his tears, and be with him. He was flown out on the following Friday to a bigger hospital. It wasn't good, 😞 Garrett had swelling of his brain, and it wasn't him anymore. I crawled beside him in the bed and stayed the night. Saturday, his dad and I made the hardest decision any parent could make. We had his vent removed. He was moved to the hospice floor surrounded by family, friends, and mom beside him in the bed, until my baby took his final breath. 😫 I believe he's with God now and I can't wait to be with him!! Thank you for letting me share our story.