Garrett Scott Walts

Handsome mommas boy

My son Garrett was only 19 when he was taken from me. Garrett had always struggled growing up due to learning disabilities. When he turned 18 his so-called friends learned he was receiving a check from SSI and took advantage of him. And Garrett was very gullible. They let him crash at their house filled with drugs and alcohol until his money ran out. Then it was back to my house. Which I didn't mind as I knew he was safe with me.
This pattern repeated itself for months. Until one day, that day my life as I know it changed forever...I found my son Garrett unconscious on our couch. I don't even know why I pulled back the blanket he had over him. I was cleaning in the other room and was walking through the living room to go to the bathroom. And for some reason, I pulled back the blanket from him and couldn't wake him up. I shook him and shook him. Screamed for my husband my husband and did CPR until paramedics arrived. My son Garrett didn't make it. I refuse to say he d**d. The coroner said he had fentanyl and percocet and spice that was soaked in rubbing alcohol. Who does that?? And other toxins like xanax and suboxone in his system. This he got from his great friends that only had anything to do with him around the third of the month when his SSI check came in.