Gerald Teasley

Gerald Randy Teasley

Husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, friend

Gerald was a vibrant, proud man who worked very hard to provide for his family. He loves his children and grandchildren more than anything in the world. His grandchildren were his strong point and they always knew how to wrap him. He believed in working everyday until he got sick, there was no laying out of work you just go on and do what has to be done.
We had a new granddaughter that was born in August that he never got to see or hold and someday as she grows up I hope she learns all about how special he truly was and how much he was looking forward to seeing her. He always had a special bond with the girls. We miss him so much everyday and life doesn’t seem fair or even remotely near normal. I hope you're without pain now sweetie, that this dreaded disease brought on you and that you miss us like we miss you. Getting thru and adjusting everyday is a chore for the kids but your presence in their life was a huge factor and you left your mark with them. RIP dear and we hope to see you in the next lifetime.