Gregory Galloy

Gregory David Galloy

Charismatic, Sensitive, Funny, One of a Kind

Greg had a unique way of making people feel at ease. His intelligent, naturally curious and sensitive nature made talking with him easy. He was always able to see the bright side and was quick to make everyone laugh. He was not only intelligent, but also creative and he loved music, movies, and the outdoors. He and his brother loved to talk endlessly about fishing; both the fish caught and the ones that got away. He was the person you would want to sit next to at any occasion because he made you feel interesting and would keep you laughing. His family is so proud of the public service he dedicated his life to. He served his community as a firefighter and critical care paramedic. He was always the person you would want with you in the worst of times. 

Greg suffered from addiction and his family and friends suffered with him. Although the loss of Greg is a dark time for us, we are incredibly fortunate to carry so many happy memories of him in our hearts. We remember that Greg would not have wanted us to be sad but as he would always say, "It's a bright sunny day, can we go fishing?" Our hope is that others who battle addiction will not only carry his hope in their hearts but also survive.